I solve problems. And I'm good at what I do.


This is what I do

  • Art Direction & Concept Development

    Art Direction of advertising campaigns, editorial content, film- and stage productions, concept- and campaign development, logo design and corporate identities

  • Digital communication & Online Marketing

    Social media, lead generation, email marketing and surveys, CRM, permission marketing, usability and user experience, analysis of user behaviour, channel-selection and media planning, and target audience analysis

  • Customer Personalitiy types, Persuasion & Behavioural Triggers

    Customer behaviour, conversion triggers, color psychology, visual communication

  • Journalism, Copy & PR

    Strategic communication, production of editorial content for online and offline media platforms, content marketing, storytelling, photojournalism, research

  • Multimedia production

    Photography, audio- and video editing, post-processing and special effects, directing films and audio-productions


How I do it





  • hanskfroschauer™
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Solutions
  • Since 1999

About me

Hans K. who?!

Born in Vienna, AT, I've been living and working in Copenhagen, DK, since 2000. While most of my work is conceptual development of integrated (multi channel) campaigns, my focus is on online communication – primarily the creative side, but to a certain extent also technical aspects, like choosing the right platform and tool for a specific job. I have a background in photography, I'm an avid reader, and draw inspiration from cinematography, graphic novels, graffiti and streetart, and skate culture, which I've been involved in since I was a kid. I'm more or less self-thaught, and after more than 15 years in the business, no one asks me for educational references. Currently, I'm Art Director at Klausen + Partners, and last but not least, I'm pretty fly for a white guy.


It's probably no surprise that I'm into just about every kind of visual design – from drawing and painting to graphic novels, graffiti and tattoos.


I'm not really into sports, but have been into (street-) skateboarding since i was a kid. Now, several decades later, I mostly ride one of my longboards.

Voracious reader

Nothing better than relaxing with a good book – fiction or non-fiction, paper or iPad. As Jane Austen said, "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good book, must be intolerably stupid."


My baby girl Lukka happens to be the sweetest, smartest and most beautiful child in the world. Seriously.

What can I do for you?

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  • Hans is the man! Ever since I met him, the sun has been shining - and I haven't had sore feet yet. Seriously.

    David Carson, CEO of Big Business INC

  • Hans. He's up there with Frank Sinatra. And Jesus.

    Victor Papanek, CEO of Company INC

  • 'motherf***er told me the funniest joke ever. I forgot it, though. But it was hilarious.

    David Craib, CEO of Designers INC


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