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It started with the idea for a self-portrait in Illustrator – reducing the lines of my face to a bare minimum while still being recognizable.

The result was this image that I was so fond of that it became my new ‘visual identity’. Now it’s on my business-cards (without any text – my ‘mysterious stranger’-cards), a t-shirt (which I gave away as a present, though) and my longboard (hand-painted!). It’s my profile-picture for just about every online-account, it’s on a desktop-wallpaper (only used it for a little while, I tend to change those often), and it’s the iPad-icon for this site (if you ‘add to homescreen’).

I guess sometimes ‘great’ things start as a sketch, or come from foolin’ around with Illustrator in my spare time. I got a lot of positive feedback for the image, and I’m even considering it as a tattoo. Did you notice my favicon, btw..?

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