Recommended: John Connolly

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Recommended is a series of posts featuring content I personally enjoy or appreciate. Quality content can be hard to find amongst paid reviews, marketing and a general trend of dumbing down everything to the lowest common denominator – alas, being a content-a-holic myself, I hope to help others by sharing stuff worth checking out.

John Connolly is an Irish journalist-turned-writer who is best known for his series of novels starring private detective Charlie Parker – and they’re the reason why I wrote this post.

I read a lot (too much, if you ask my girlfriend), but one thing that always pulled me back into John Connolly’s books is his beautiful use of language, and the darkness in his novels. I’m not talking about SAW-esque, Stieg Larsson torture-porn, but an extension of the noir-element into the realm of conceptual evil, right at the border to the supernatural, but always returning to the sad fact that it’s people, not demons, who’re behind the evil.

Obviously I’m not a writer myself, and I’m not sure my description og John’s work is adequate, but give one of his book’s a chance, and I’m pretty sure you’re back for more.

Why do I recommend this?

  • Terrific thrillers, classic noir
  • Beautiful use of language – closer to actual literature than most books in this genre
  • Great cast of characters – gay hitmen, crooked cops, scary-a** killers
  • Supernatural elements
  • All in all, awesome books

Check out John’s own site, the Wikipedia entry on him, or his profile on Amazon.

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