Free AE Project: iPhone Camera Video UI

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A free and easy-to-use iPhone Camera Video UI AE project. Standby-mode, recording-mode with running timer, and fully animated transition, just like on your phone.


Just place your own footage (1080p, 30fps) underneath the UI-comp (there’s a placeholder comp called ‘Your footage’). That’s it!

The project

The comp is 42 seconds long, consisting of 2 seconds of ‘standby’ followed by the transition to 40 seconds of ‘record’ – running timer included. Depending on your After Effects skills, you can either trim the comp or extend it – the timer is powered by an expression, and just ‘keeps on timing’. Feel free to contact me with questions, and let me know if and when you’re using the project in your work!

Download the AE project here

BTW, this is the first AE project I’m publishing. I tried to make it as easy-to-use as possible. Let me know if there’s some crucial AE-project-publishing etiquette I missed.

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