My name is Hans, and I’m an Art Director.

Born in Vienna, AT, I’ve been living and working in Copenhagen, DK, since 2000.

While most of my work is conceptual development of integrated (multi channel) campaigns, my focus is on online communication – primarily the creative side, but to a certain extent also technical aspects, like choosing the right platform and tool for a specific job.

I have a background in photography, I’m an avid reader, and draw inspiration from cinematography, graphic novels, graffiti and streetart, and skate culture, which I’ve been involved in since I was a kid.

I’m more or less self-thaught, and after more than 15 years in the business, no one asks me for educational references.

Currently, I’m Art Director at Klausen + Partners, and last but not least, I’m pretty fly for a white guy.

Politics and religion

If you are a right-wing conservative, believe that the Bible should be taken literally, think that foreigners/immigrants/refugees are a major threat to [insert country]’s culture, consider graffiti vandalism, or anything else along those lines, then please GO FUCK YOURSELF, AND GET THE HELL OFF MY SITE.

Copyright and disclaimer

The opinions and statements on this site are reflections of my current views, and might change over time. They should, for anyone in their right mind. All images are mine (unless stated otherwise), ©2006-2013, and may be used under a Creative Commons license. They may not be used commercially without my explicit and written permission.